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The Banker's Questionnaire
A self-assessment utility. Updated quarterly based on emerging industry issues.

If you are a banker what's underneath these questions is tough analysis and you know it. The Banker's Questionnaire wasn't designed to be a feel good association advocacy survey. It was designed to help you become more aware of the economic and competitive issues affecting the industry. The questions will change over time as will the issues and answers treated. But the real question is which of you are truly aware what the competition is up to. Nothing says you automatically win when it comes to banking. And we know that axiom applies to both the smallest and the biggest in the business.

THIS MONTH'S SURVEY: Focuses on competitiveness when it comes to deposit acquisition.

How big is your bank's asset base?
Under $10 Billion
$10B to $65B
Over $65 Billion

Are you on the Move Your Money "B or Better" List?   Yes   No
Not Sure? Check here? Move Your Money

How many branches does your bank have?  

Including physical branch presence as well as significant lending or investment banking activities,
how many states do you do business in?

Counting both banks and credit unions, what is the average number of competitor branches with 10 miles of each of your branches?
Under 3   3 to 10   Over 10

On average across your served markets, is your competitive position?
Documented Top of the Heap
In the Upper 15%
Middle of the Pack
Bottom 25%

What is the average opening balance of new account at your bank?   dollars

What is your internal reserve rate percentage on deposits?   percent

What is your bank's policy regarding the fraction of new deposits is allocated for Main Street lending?
As opposed to non-lending securities and investment uses of bank liabilities.


What is your target net rate of return on new lending?   percent

And finally, what is your target net rate of return on any secuties and investing assets in your portfolio?   percent

When you click submit, you will immediately see a report based on what you entered. We encourage you to modify the numbers as many times as you like to fine tune your thinking. You can also enter the parameters of any compatitors you wish to evaluate to see where they stand.

IRA will change the focus of the survey from time to time to emphasize other aspects of banking and to keep pace with economic environment changes.

Thank you,

Dennis Santiago
Institutional Risk Analytics

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