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IRA has been in business since 2003. Our office is located at 371 Van Ness Way, Suite 110, Torrance, California 90501. Our telephone number is (310)676-3300.

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About this Product

IRA does not give investment advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment. This tool is primarily designed for consumers with large deposits above the FDIC insured limit or other relationships who want to monitor the safety and soundness of specific banks. Keep in mind that banks, like all other business entities, come in many forms. They all provide financial services. But beneath the surface institutions can and do employ a variety of business practices to support these services. These reports do not judge banks per se. They are meant to make the operations of these banks more transparent so you, the consumer, can make your own judgment as how to best deploy your capital.

About IRA Analysis

IRA's Bank Monitor system is a granular performance and risk model covering FDIC insured depository institutions and holding companies. We deliver distilled analytics for use in counterparty, insurance, acquisition and other �safety and soundness� business case applications. The IRA rating methodology generates detailed metrics designed to illustrate bank business performance and test safety and soundness practices. IRA tests are uniformly computed across the entire bank universe and are particularly useful for comparison testing.

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