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Why is my bank not listed?

Since the project was launched we’ve gotten this question numerous times from bankers. We will begin responding to the phone messages and emails next week when business in 2010 begins. But here’s what you are going to hear.

IRA has been in the business of selling analysis information to the banking and professional community since 2003. Nothing in the fact that we elected to donate a tool to a worthy cause to benefit the public changes this. We cannot respond to your inquiries unless you are in fact a client of our firm.

If you want to understand your position in the banking landscape here are the tiers of service.


If you are indeed as capitally adequate and credit worthy as your emails say you are why haven’t you even looked at your report and compared your business position to your peers?

It is our opinion that every FDIC certificate holder should have bought at least one $1,000 unlimited use subscription to the tool long ago. It would have given many of you the clues about how to mitigate this crisis before it ever happened. You’ll recognize what these reports say. Many other bank officers and directors before you already have. So are a growing number of your counterparties and vendors. And now, because of this web page, your customers know it too.

We do have a banker's service level where we respond to more methodology questions and even build new tools to help clarify the banking community’s thinking. We’ve offered an officers and directors bundle for some time that includes one staff researcher account to the full power Professional IRA Bank Monitor and Unlimited access to your listed officers and directors.

Back when we started IRA in 2003 the big thing on everyone’s tongue was “adequacy of internal controls”. We believe this tool helps further this process for bank fiduciaries and are frankly surprised at the continued resistance of the industry to see itself. These tools make it so your team is no longer flying blind. Look at the forensic reports we’ve done on recently failed banks and ask yourself just how much better off you’d be if you knew where the reefs were in your pond. It’s a standard professionally priced $25,000 package and it enables you to ponder data internally based solely on looking at public data.

Advisory Discussions:

If you really want to hear what we have to say to you about the strategic and tactical implications of what we see in a privileged discussion setting that won’t require you to file an 8-K to stay compliant with SEC Regulation FD yes we do that as part of our IRA Advisory Services practice. It’s the classic time and materials professional services offering every pro knows. Your legal department will confirm it’s the only way to properly do this.

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