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  IRA Bank Ratings IRA Professional Bank Monitor IRA Commentary IRA Corporate Monitor
Product IRA Bank Ratings A La Carte Service IRA Bank Ratings Individual Unlimited IRA Bank Ratings Officers and Directors Package Professional Research Version of IRA Bank Monitor "The IRA Analyst" (current edition) "The IRA Analyst" Newsletter Back Issues IRA Picking Nits "IRA Macro View" Research Service IRA Corporate Monitor IRA Corporate Filings
Description Purchase individual bank reports one at a time. See current reports on all banks. Due diligence access to key persons. A surveillance support tool for use by research staff. IRA's weekly newsletter. Research access to IRA articles going back to 2003. Technical analytics commentary. Macro reseacrh notes delivered six times per year. Fundamental data on US public companies. Online catalog of SEC filings.
Enter Here IRA Bank Ratings IRA Bank Ratings IRA Bank Ratings Professional Bank Monitor The IRA Analyst IRA Analyst Catalog IRA Picking Nits Delivered via email. IRA Corporate Monitor IRA Corp Filings
Pricing $50 per report $1,000 per year $25,000 per year Starting at $10K per user.  Government and commercial enterprise licensing. Free $99.99 per year as of 1/1/2010 Free $15,000 per year $500 per year Free
Purchase Via Online Shopping Cart? Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A
Available via Invoicing? No No Yes Yes N/A No N/A Yes No N/A
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IRA Bank Monitor Features:
Individual Bank Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes            
Name, Ticker, Bank ID Search Yes Yes Yes Yes            
Zip Code Proximity Search Yes Yes Yes Yes            
Bank Survey Tool   Yes Yes Yes            
Executive Dashboard   1/1/2010 1/1/2010 Yes            
Multi-Period Views       Yes            
Excel Downloads       Yes            
Bank Stress Index Ratings Yes Yes Yes Yes            
CAMELS Factors Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes            
Market Value of Equity (MVE) analysis. Yes Yes Yes Yes            
Preliminary CDR Analytics       Yes            
IRA Corporate Fundamental and Filings Services
Coverage                 U.S. Publicly Traded Companies All SEC Registrants
Fundamental Data                 Yes  
Line Item Level Ranking  versus Industry Peers                 Yes  
Basic Ratios and Metrics                 Yes  
Advanced Metrics and Analysis                 Yes  
One Click Access to SEC Filings Library                 Yes  
Material Restatement Event Detections                 Yes  
Catalog of Filings by SEC Registrant                 one click to IRA Corp Filings Yes
Drill to actual SEC filing document.                 one click to IRA Corp Filings Yes