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Institutional Risk Analytics is one of the most quoted risk analysis companies in the world. Our ratings can be contrarian and at times uncomfortable to the establishment. But the fact of the matter is IRA's analytics accurately described the health and stress issues facing the banking and finance industry when most of Wall Street and Washington were in denial that a problem existed.

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Includes a powerful survey tool and unlimited viewing of all current period bank reports. This is an ideal product for banks monititoring industry competitors as well as CFO's keeping track of their cash and cash equivalents.
$1000.00 per year, paid annually. Individual Reports Service
Specifically for people who only need to keep track of a few banks. An ideal surveillance tool for the individual depositor.
$50.00 per bank a la carte.
Access enabled for one year from the time of purchase.
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IRA's Corporate Monitor
A Morningstar powered off the shelf version of IRA's fundamental data analysis toolkit. Covers US publicly traded companies. This system is the core tool set from which many of IRA's customized enterprise data platforms are built.
$500.00 per year, paid annually.
Unless otherwise authorized sales are for individual or internal use only.
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IRA's Letter Grading System
A+ Overall Bank Stress less than 1995 1.0 index baseline. Banks with this grade tend to exhibit strong metrics across the board.
A Stress slightly less than the industry average. Bank business practices are much more varied than people realize. Institutions in this category exhibit business model choices that allow them to operate with improved cushion against current systemic threats.
B Stress slightly above the industry average. These banks begin to show sensitivity to systemic stresses but still have a business model that offers a some degree of flexibility to resist crisis forces.
C Stress levels moderately above industry average. In these banks, one or more key metric areas begin to show degradation(s) indicating a need for active attention by officers and directors.
D Stress indicators well above the industry average. These institutions tend to show significant degradation in one or more of the key areas of measurement. Concern has likely begun to garner the attention of parties outside the bank.
F Stress levels at the extreme range above industry average. At this degree of stress, one or more of the key elements of the business model has reached failure mode. What concerns exist are probably already public.
Factors included,
  • Profitability
  • Lending Default Experience
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Loan and Unused Commitment Exposure
  • Operational Efficiency
brought together into a overall index where the average on December 31, 1995 = 1.0. Grading is based on a census of active FDIC reporting institutions.

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IRA does not give investment advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment. Bear in mind that banking is a complex industry. Financial institutions can and do employ a variety of business practices to support these services. These reports do not judge banks per se. They are meant to make the operations more transparent so you, the consumer, can make your own judgment as how to best deploy your capital.

There are both Bank Surveillance and Corporate Montoring tools that can be accessed through this cart. The IRA Bank Reports tool is is primarily designed for consumers with large deposits above the FDIC insured limit or other relationships who want to monitor the safety and soundness of specific banks. The IRA Corporate tool is designed to facilitate analysis of publicly traded companies both as operating businesses and obligors.

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