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'On Sensitivity to Market Risk, Susceptibility and Vulnerability', June 29, 2012

'David Kotok: Spain's Banks & Markets', June 11, 2012

'Q1 2012 Bank Stress Ratings: Is there a Bull Case for US Financials?', June 4, 2012

'Return to Normalcy: The False Argument of "Austerity" vs. Growth', May 21, 2012

'Questions for the Fed on JP Morgan; Walker Todd on Bernanke, Ed Kane on TARP', May 14, 2012

'It's All About the Fraud: Madoff, MF Global & Antonin Scalia', May 8, 2012

'John Mousseau | Illinois: The Land of Lincoln is Leaking', April 30, 2012

'Duration Risk: How the Fed is Creating the Next Financial Crisis', April 23, 2012

'Risk: Not Being a GSE; Citigroup Earnings & David Kotok', April 18, 2012

'Fred Feldkamp on Fraud: "Stability Attracts Investment"', April 9, 2012

'Is Foreclosure Abuse the Biggest Problem in the Housing Sector?', April 2, 2012

'Wells Fargo, TBTF and the Value of Customer Relationships', March 23, 2012

'Stress Tests for Zombies? Bob Brusca: Why Low Interest Rate Policy Does Not Work', March 13, 2012

'Time for the Fed to Raise Interest Rates - to Avoid Deflation', March 8, 2012

'Character Matters: Interview with Janet Tavakoli', February 28, 2012

'Dodd-Frank Act Progress: Stress Testing for Over 10B Asset Banks Approaches', February 21, 2012

'MF Global: Where's the Cash? David Woolley on the Risk of Defective Commercial Land Titles', February 14, 2012

'Facebook "Jumps the Shark" Interview with Michael Whalen', February 6, 2012

'John Mousseau: Munis Cruise Through a Scorching January', January 31, 2012

'Fred Feldkamp: Agenda Items for Lame Duck Congress to Fix the US Economy', January 23, 2012

'Can Pent Up Supply Overcome Systemic Inaction?', January 16, 2012

'Why the Fed Needs to Talk More About Housing', January 10, 2012

'Bank Industry Outlook 2012: A Tale of Two Industries', January 4, 2012

'Leland Miller: The Crisis Ahead for China's Policy Banks', December 20, 2011

'The Fed as the New Global Aristocracy: Walker Todd', December 12, 2011

'Should the Courts Appoint an Equitable Receiver for Bank of America?', November 28, 2011

'Fred Feldkamp: Before We Can See Light at the End of a Tunnel, We Need a Tunnel', November 15, 2011

'A Tale of Two Economies, Michael Whalen on the Future of Media', November 10, 2011

'Creative Destruction: MF Global Fails, BankAtlantic Sells Assets', November 2, 2011

'Is Countrywide Still Bankruptcy Remote? Interview with Neil McCarthy', October 25, 2011

'Move your Mortgage to a Small Bank | G.B. Shaw on Obama's re-election chances', October 19, 2011

'Dick Alford: Did the Taylor Rule Cause the Financial Crisis?', October 13, 2011

'Interview: Michael Whalen on the Future of Media', October 9, 2011

'Nothing to Fear but Inaction; Walker Todd on Obama�s Lost Opportunities', October 3, 2011

'Economic Recovery Starts with Bank of America', September 26, 2011

'Pondering 2H 2011 Bank Earnings', September 21, 2011

'Fear and loathing at Bank of New York Mellon', September 13, 2011

'A not so fictional FSOC memo for Bank of America', September 1, 2011

'Robert Rubin, Bank America and the fate of the dollar', August 11, 2011

'Is the US a "BBB" credit? David Woolley on the MERS land title chain fiasco', August 2, 2011

'Are the Housing GSEs and TBTF Banks Blocking the Economic Recovery?', July 21, 2011

'Ben Bernanke channels Genworth Financial; Chris Laursen on bank trading under the Volcker rule', July 14, 2011

'Exit Interview: FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair', July 7, 2011

'The World Held Hostage by Credit Default Swaps. Dick Alford on the FOMC: Watch what they say', June 21, 2011

'David Kotok on Central Bank Credibility; Bob Eisenbeis: Did the Fed Print Money with QE?', June 6, 2011

'Next Big Thing: "Rent to Own?" Recreating the Ear of the Markets', June 1, 2011

'Is Deflation in the US Housing Sector Accelerating?', May 23, 2011

'Ally Financial + ING Bank? Richard Alford on Lessons Forgotten at the Greenspan/Bernanke Fed', May 16, 2011

'UK Country Risk: Is Lloyd's of London Too Big to Sue?', May 12, 2011

'Entropy and the Mechanics of Reflation', May 5, 2011

'Are You Watching Your Brokered Deposits? Bob Eisenbeis: What's a Central Bank to Do? ', April 26, 2011

'Is Europe at the Tipping Point? Sol Sanders & Bill Alpert on Keynes, Keynesianism -- and Keynesianitis', April 20, 2011

'Private Mortgage Insurance Endgame: Stuff the Taxpayer; Dan Roberts on the Past and Future of XBRL at the Securities and Exchange Commission', April 12, 2011

'The Revolving Door at the Fed of New York; Dick Alford on False Dichotomies in Monetary Policy', April 4, 2011

'Wanted: Private Investors Seeking First Loss Exposure on RMBS', March 28, 2011

'A Crime Called Private Mortgage Insurance; Alex Pollock on the Political Finance of Covered Bonds', March 23, 2011

'Covered Bonds and Zombie Banks', March 14, 2011

'Toryism, Socialism and Housing Reform: Real and Imagined', March 7, 2011

'Bank Stress Index Up in Fourth Quarter; Can China Slow Down Bank Lending?', February 28, 2011

'Inflation or Deflation? Or is it Global Weimar?', February 22, 2011

'Ignorance is Confidence: Fedtalk or Newspeak? Andrew Jackson on Repealing a Central Bank', February 14, 2011

'Conflict of Visions: Housing Market Reform and Recovery', February 8, 2011

'Investors, Zombie Banks and the Valuation Gap', February 1, 2011

'Zombie IPO: Is American International Group the "Blood Doll" of Wall Street?', January 25, 2011

'Is Bank America the Most Sued Company in the US? Sol Sanders on Charting the Arab Dark', January 17, 2011

'A Brady Plan for the Mortgage Mess? Bob Feinberg on Layers and Players', January 7, 2011

'Will Devaluation and Default be the Themes for 2011?', December 14, 2010

'Apple, Google, NewsCorp and the Future of Content: Interview with Michael Whalen', December 7, 2010

'Q3 2010 Bank Ratings: Little Banks Improve, TBTF Zombies Rot', December 2, 2010

'Conflicted Agents: Credit Ratings, Risk Management and Dodd-Frank', November 23, 2010

'Ambac, CDS and Geithner: It's AIG All Over Again', November 16, 2010

'Linda Lowell: The FDIC ambushes the Fed, and gains a beachhead in Basel', November 9, 2010

'The Servicer of the First Part; Dick Alford on the Fiscal Illusion', November 1, 2010

'Triple Down: Fannie, Freddie, and the Triumph of the Corporate State', October 27, 2010

'The Metastasis of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities: Interview with Joe Mason', October 18, 2010

'The Fed's Zero Rate Policy is Destroying America', October 12, 2010

'Refinancing, Not Foreclosures, is the Issue; Richard Alford on Bill Dudley and QEII', October 6, 2010

'Citibank + SunTrust? Herbert Gold on the Great Contraction in State Finances', September 29, 2010

'Exposure at Default: Does Bank America Have Any Alternatives for Countrywide?', September 22, 2010

'David Colander on How Economists Failed Society', September 15, 2010

'Basel III Gets the Headlines, but EU Article 122a is the Story', September 7, 2010

'Double Dip Economy: Does Quantitative Easing Really Matter?', August 27, 2010

'Zombie Love: Do Fannie and Freddie Provide Any Benefit to the U.S. Economy?', August 18, 2010

'Systemic Regulator Risk: Does the Fed of New York Need a Haircut?', August 9, 2010

'Will Basel III Crush the Global Economy?', August 2, 2010

'Stress Test Zombies: Reverting to the Global Mean', July 27, 2010

'Deflation: Should the Fed be Buying Gold? Hugo Salinas-Price on the Silver Peso', July 19, 2010

'Country Risk: Building a New American Political Economy', July 13, 2010

'Paper Gold vs the Dollar? Interview with James Rickards', July 7, 2010

'Country Risk: The World According to Robert Rubin (Updated)', June 29, 2010

'Talking the Economy: Alex Pollock, Bruce Bartlett and Josh Rosner', June 21, 2010

'Bank Profile: Capital One Financial (COF)', June 15, 2010

'Court Rules in Favor of Ratings Firms in Subprime Claim; Comment: Rajiv Sethi on High Frequency Equity Trading', June 7, 2010

'The Fallacy of Fair Value Accounting; Original Sin: Peter Wallison on Bear Stearns and the Importance of a Narrative', June 1, 2010

'More Fed Swap Lines for Europe and the End of Globalization; Comment: Clifford Rossi in Support of the Office of Financial Research', May 24, 2010

'Submerged Seconds: Zombie Love and the Failure of Mortgage Modification', May 17, 2010

'Value at Risk: Equity Market Volatility is All About Liquidity', May 10, 2010

'Do a Good Job: Interview With Senator Ernest Hollings', May 3, 2010

'Reputational Risk: In Goldman Sachs We Trust', April 26, 2010

'Goldman SEC Litigation: The End of OTC?; Alan Boyce on the Duration of Fed Open Market Operations', April 19, 12010

'Event of Default and the Year that Wasn't Really; Richard Field on Covered Bonds and the Need for Better ABS Disclosure', April 12, 2010

'Ben Bernanke: The REPO Man and Castles Made of Sand', April 6, 2010

'Bank Profile: First Interstate BancSystem (FIBK), Achim Dubel on Covered Bond Legislation', March 29, 2010

'The AIG Rescue: What Did We Bail Out and Why?', March 22, 2010

'Zombie Love: Barclays and Citigroup? On OTC Derivatives: Interview With Bill King', March 15, 2010

'Mark-to-Market Accounting: OneWest and WaMu; Commentary by Brian Wesbury and Robert Stein: Bernanke Finally Fingers Mark-To-Market', March 8, 2010

'Reputational Risk: Living in a Derivative World', March 1, 2010

'Financial Economics, Deregulation and OTC Derivatives: Interview with Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism', February 22, 2010

'Is the Fed's Zero Interest Rate Policy Driving Global Deflation?', February 16, 2010

'Q4 2009 Preliminary Bank Stress Ratings; OTC Derivatives: Is the DTCC Too Big To Fail?', February 9, 2010

'Zombie Update: Loan Repurchases and REO Anyone?', February 2, 2010

'Political Risk: The Bernanke Nomination and the Return of American Populism', January 27, 2010

'The Volcker Rule & AIG: Hedge Funds and Prop Desks Are Not the Problem', January 25, 2010

'A Tale of Two Banks: Florence Savings and JPMorgan Chase', January 19, 2010

'Why Big is Bad; Alex Pollock on Sarbanes-Oxley and the Financial Crisis', January 12, 2010

'Ariana Huffington: Move Your Money!; Skin in the Game: Interview With FASB Chairman Bob Herz', January 4, 2010

'Predictions for 2010: The Best is Yet to Come', December 21, 2009

'Fixing Bank Securitization: Interview with Michael Krimminger', December 14, 2009

'Three Strikes on Ben Bernanke: AIG, Goldman Sachs & BAC/TARP', December 7, 2009

'Martin Mayer: Audit the Fed! Ben Bernanke: Beneath the Banksters', December 2, 2009

'Liquidity vs. Solvency: Interview with Bob Eisenbeis and David Kotok', November 30, 2009

'Is that a Bubble in Your Natural Gas? Interview with Jim Lucier', November 23, 2009

'Loan Growth at Public Expense; Jack Sustman on the Vortex as Market Descriptor', November 16, 2009

'Preliminary Q3 2009 Bank Stress Test Results; Looking for OTC Derivatives Reform', November 10, 2009

'Systemic Risk is All About Innovation and Incentives: Ed Kane', November 2, 2009

'Zombie Love: Barack Obama, GMAC and Ally Bank', October 28, 2009

'So What About the Real Economy? Interview with Credit Risk Monitor', October 26, 2009

'Are the Fed, the Congress and the Primary Dealers an Alliance of Convenience?', October 20, 2009

'The Miracle of Rule 3a-7, Riskless Arbitrage and Other Artifacts of the Crisis: Fred Feldkamp', October 16, 2009

'Bank Profile: Wells Fargo & Co; More on Securitization', October 13, 2009

'Bank of America: How Much Should Bond Holders be Haircut to Restore Solvency?', October 5, 2009

'The Global Carry Trade and the Crimes of Patriots', September 29, 2009

'Is it Models or the Economists? Statement by David Colander', September 21, 2009

'Exposure at Default: As Banks Shrink, So Does the Economy', September 16, 2009

'House Testimony: The Trouble With Models Starts With Subjectivity', September 10, 2009

'JPMorganChase: How Much Capital Does a Bank Need?', September 8, 2009

'Q2 2009 Bank Stress Test Results: The Zombie Dance Party Rocks On', September 1, 2009

'Systemic Risk: Is it Black Swans or Market Innovations?', August 18, 2009

'Are You Ready for the Next Bank Stress Tests? More on OTC Derivatives Reform', August 13, 2009

'All About Picking Losers as Winners. Interview With Bob Feinberg', August 5, 2009

'White Swans and Credit Default Swaps; Martin Mayer at AIER', July 27, 2009

'Restructuring, Resolution and Rebirth at Citigroup?', July 22, 2009

'What Do AIG and CIT Have in Common? Asset Deflation', July 15, 2009

'Does the Fed Really Manage Risk?', July 8, 2009

'Seeking Superlative RAROC: Stress Test Profiles for US Bancorp and Cullen/Frost Bankers', July 1, 2009

'Back to Basis for Securitization and Structured Credit: Interview With Ann Rutledge', June 22, 2009

'Larry Summers is Confident; Joe Mason on Skin in the Game for Securitization', June 17, 2009

'Fair Deals and Bad Dealers: CDS, Regulatory Reform and Other Tales from Washington', June 10, 2009

'Credit Default Swaps and Too Big to Fail or Unwind: Interview With Ed Kane', June 3, 2009

'Q1 2009 Bank Ratings Update and GM, GMAC Bank Join the Zombie Dance Party', June 1, 2009

'Germany's Subprime Crisis: Interview With Achim Dubel', May 27, 2009

'Kabuki on the Potomac: Reforming Credit Default Swaps and OTC Derivatives', May 18, 2009

'Chrysler, GM and the New Industrial Policy', May 14, 2009

'Mortgage Duration Risk: The Banks Are No Longer the Problem', May 8, 2009

'From Swine Flu to Bank Stress Tests, Washington is the Problem', May 1, 2009

'Should Washington & Wall Street Take a Lesson from Bill Ford?', April 23, 2009

'Can Citigroup Be Restructured Without an FDIC Resolution?', April 17, 2009

'Zombie Update; Pento on Bernanke's Permanently Expanded Balance Sheet', April 15, 2009

'Apples and Truffles: PPIP is Financially Flawed, Intellectually Dishonest', April 6, 2009

'AIG: Before Credit Default Swaps, There Was Reinsurance', April 2, 2009

'In Ohio the World's Not Ending: Interview With Ken Joyce of Rurban Financial', March 30, 2009

'Washington Fiddles as Global Deflation Rages', March 24, 2009

'What is the Stated Intent of Fair Value Accounting? Questions for Banks and Regulators', March 17, 2009

'Stress Test Zombies: Not Too Big To Fail? Tough Tootsies Little Banks!', March 13, 2009

'What is the Plan? A Discussion With Bill Dunkelberg and David Kotok', March 9, 2009

'How to Resolve AIG & Citi; Walker Todd on Stress Testing the Banks', March 4, 2009

'Zombie Dance Party: Was the Banking Industry Really Profitable in 2008?', March 2, 2009

'The Daily Double: Martin Mayer on CDS; Nouriel Roubini on the Banks', February 23, 2009

'Too Big to Bail: Lehman Brothers is the Model for Fixing the Zombie Banks', February 18, 2009

'Can We Fix the Banks, Help Homeowners, and Rebuild the Mortgage Markets? Can Do.', February 9, 2009

'Bad Banks, Insurance Wraps and Other Fanciful Notions', February 2, 2009

'The Big Banks vs. America: A Roundtable with David Kotok and Josh Rosner', January 26, 2009

'Does Fair Value Accounting + Credit Default Swaps = Global Deflation?', January 23, 2009

'To Stabilize Global Banks, First Tame Credit Default Swaps', Janury 21, 2009

'Citigroup: Too Big To Sell -- At Least All at Once', Janary 13, 2009

'IndyMac, FDICIA and the Mirrors of Wall Street', January 6, 2009

'GMAC: Bank Holding Companies Do Go Bankrupt', December 30, 2008

'Outlook 2009: From Market Disorder to Economic Recovery', December 24, 2008

'On the Economy: For Barack Obama, It's All About Credibility', December 17, 2008

'On the Prime Solution: Interview with Eric Hovde', December 11, 2008

'Who Should Be the Next President of the Fed of New York?', December 9, 2008

'Bank Stress Index Up in Q3; Will the Final Solution for CDS Start in EU?', December 1, 2008

'What Barack Obama Needs to Know About Tim Geithner, the AIG Fiasco and Citigroup', November 24, 2008

'New Hope for Financial Economics: Interview with Bill Janeway', November 17, 2008

'View from the Top: A Prime Solution to the US Banking Crisis', November 10, 2008

'Brokered Deposit Risk Screening: A Case Study; Halloween in Washington', November 6, 2008

'Fed Chairmen and Presidents: Roundtable with Roger Kubarych and Richard Whalen', October 30, 2008

'In the Fog of Volatility, the Notional Becomes Payable', October 27, 2008

'American Community Banks are Doing Fine: Interview with Ric Smith, CEO of Metairie Bank & Trust Co.', October 23, 2008

'Spread the Wealth: Bigger Is Not Better in Banking', October 21, 2008

'Countrywide Bondholders Settle; Paulson Bails as Next Wave of Approaches', October 14, 2008

'More Bank, Less Bucks: A Four Point Plan for the Rescue', October 6, 2008

'Super Liens, FHLB Advances and the Road to Forbearance', October 3, 2008

'Bailout: It's About Capital, Not Liquidity; Seeking Beta: Interview with Robert Arvanitis', September 29, 2008

'A Workable, Private Bank Assistance Plan or Why President Bush Should Fire Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson', September 26, 2008

'What is to be Done?: Interview with Bert Ely', September 23, 2008

'FDIC Won't Run Out of Money, But WaMu May be Toast', September 19, 2008

'The Crisis of Confidence and the Banks', September 16, 2008

'The Politics of Energy Independence: Interview with Jim Lucier', September 11, 2008

'Paulson Begins Gradual Wind-Down of GSEs within Conservatorship', September 8, 2008

'A Few Banks We Like: NTRS, USB, WFSL, SCHW, BOH', September 2, 2008

'Our Take on the Q2 Bank Data; Updates: WM, Clueless at C', August 28, 2008

'Memo to the President-Elect; How Much Capital Does a Bank Need?', August 21, 2008

'Why Downey Financial is Not IndyMac', August 18, 2008

'How's My Bank or Why One Rating Just Isn't Enough', August 12, 2008

'Is Countrywide Financial Headed for Bankruptcy?', August 6, 2008

'The Tyranny of Reason: Interview with Timothy Dickinson', July 30, 2008

'US Banks: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', July 23, 2008

'Fear and Leverage on Wall Street: A GSE Roundtable: Wallison, O'Driscoll and Rosner', July 21, 2008

'Time for Hank Paulson to Do the Right Thing and Nationalize the GSEs', July 14, 2008

'A Change in Bank Control: Interview With Ernest Patrikis', July 9, 2008

'Good Banks, Bad Banks: WFC and WB?', July 1, 2008

'Its the Models, Stupid: Interview with Josh Rosner', June 23, 2008

'BAC+CFC: Can Ken Lewis Rescue the Kobayashi Maru?', June 19, 2008

'Question of the Week: Is Risk Management Even Possible in an OTC Marketplace?', June 16, 2008

'The Vigorish of OTC: Interview with Martin Mayer', June 12, 2008

'Talking About RAROC: Is "Financial Innovation" Good for Bank Profitability?', June 10, 2008

'WaMu, Wachovia and the High Cost of Subprime', June 3, 2008

'Fed Risk: Interview with Richard Alford', May 27, 2008

'The Sad Tale of Lewis Ranieri and Franklin Bancorp', May 22, 2008

'What Do Q1 Bank Loan Defaults Say About 2008 and Beyond?', May 19, 2008

'Conflicted Agents and Platonic Guardians: Interview with Alex Pollock', May 13, 2008

'Will BAC + CFC Ever Close? Readers Comment', May 8, 2008

'An Involuntary Transaction: Why BAC + CFC May Never Close', May 6, 2008

'Update: Are Countrywide Financial Bond Holders Bankruptcy Remote?', May 1, 2008

'The Subprime Three -- Rubin, Summers & Greenspan', April 28, 2008

'Should Alan Schwartz Be Citigroup's Next CEO?', April 25, 2008

'Pain in the Heartland: National City Bank', April 21, 2008

'Iceland under Siege; Corrigan Group Redux', April 17, 2008

'Large OTC Markets + Excessive Leverage + Fair Value Accounting = Systemic Risk', April 14, 2008

'Is WaMu the Next Bear Stearns?', April 9, 2008

'A Global House of Cards: Interview with Josh Rosner', April 7, 2008

'Fremont General Corp: Welcome to the Subprime Dead Pool', April 3, 2008

'Novated Bears & the Education of Ben Bernanke', March 31, 2008

'JP Morgan Rolls the Fed of New York (and BSC)', March 25, 2008

'GSE Nation: Interview with Robert Feinberg', March 17, 2008

'A Deflating Bubble Can Lift All Boats', March 10, 2008

'No True Sale: Interview with Joseph Mason', March 3, 2008

'Wachovia, Clear Channel & Fair Value Madness', February 27, 2008

'Sleepless in MuniLand: Interview With David Kotok', February 18, 2008

'MBIA: Is Fair Value Accounting a Good Deal for Investors?', February 11, 2008

'Exposures at Default: Wachovia and Washington Mutual', February 5, 2008

'Rogue Traders and Economic Capital', January 28, 2008

'Are Countrywide Financial Bonds Bankruptcy Remote?', January 22, 2008

'Is There A Bull Case for US Financials?', January 8, 2008

'Outlook 2008: Valuation, Attestation, and Litigation', December 19, 2007

'Subprime: We Have Nothing to Fear But Forbearance', December 12, 2007

'Subprime Bailout II: Wells Fargo Writedown Raises the Bar', December 6, 2007

'Citigroup: How do You Value Systemic Risk?', November 26, 2007

'The Moral Hazard of Subprime Risk', November 12, 2007

'XBRL: Can the SEC Mandate a Business Case?', November 5, 2007

'Basel II: Do Big Banks Need More Capital?', October 23, 2007

'Enron, Subprime and the Derivative Disease', October 16, 2007

'Will Intangibles Kill the TD-Commerce Bancorp Merger?', October 10, 2007

'TD Buys Commerce Bancorp: Is Bigger Necessarily Better?', October 5, 2007

'Death of a Business Model: NetBank', October 1, 2007

'The Subprime Crisis & Ratings: PRMIA Meeting Notes', September 24, 2007

'Foreclosure at Default or Why Ratings Are Not the Problem', September 17, 2007

'When Flying to Quality, Be "In the Bank"', September 10, 2007

'Modeling Forward Defaults: Top Five US Banks', September 4, 2007

'Will the Housing Slump Raise Consumer Defaults?', August 27, 2007

'De-Leveraging America', August 21, 2007

'Killer Derivatives, Zombie CDOs and Basel Too?', August 14, 2007

'CDOs: Waiting for the Next Shoes to Drop (Updated)', August 7, 2007

'As Countrywide Goes, So Goes the Mortgage Sector', August 1, 2007

'Collateralized Debt Obligations and Rating Agency Risk', July 24, 2007

'What Does Jim Cramer See in Commerce Bancorp?', July 9, 2007

'CDOs: Mark-to-Dealer', July 2, 2007

'CDOs: "A Triumph of Greed Over Fear"', June 25, 2007

'Black Swan Hunting', June 18, 2007

'CDOs: Don't Ask, Don't Tell', June 8, 2007

'Will Interactive Data Survive at SEC Without Chris Cox?', May 29, 2007

'SunTrust Banks Anyone?', May 21, 2007

'Pillar III Validation: Will Basel II Finally Discredit VAR?', May 14, 2007

'National City Buys MidAmerican Bank', May 2, 2007

'China Market Syndrome: Just Deja Vu All Over Again', May 1, 2007

'A Normal Correction: February 27 Market Break', April 23, 2007

'GE vs Wells Fargo: Who's Really Subprime?', April 17, 2007

'Subprime Tsunami: Spreads Kill You, Not Defaults', April 10, 2007

'Bernanke on Subprime: Watch What I Do, Not What I Say', April 3, 2007

'Countrywide Financial: It's All About Liquidity', March 27, 2007

'Memo to Barclays: ABN Amro's US Banks Are a Mixed Bag', March 20, 2007

'Citibank: Benchmarking Mortgage and Subprime Risk', March 19, 2007

'Far Beyond Subprime: As Lehman Brothers FSB Goes, So Go Mortgage Assets', March 14, 2007

'Wall Street, EDGAR and the Small Investor', March 12, 2007

'Is Comerica a Safe Haven from Credit Woes?', March 7, 2007

'Observations from the Road: The Subprime Economy', March 5, 2007

'BBV Buys Compass Banchshares: What's Normal When You Dance On a Volcano?', February 27, 2007

'Sovereign Risk: Will Venezuela Default on Its Debt?', February 20, 2007

'Will Sub-Prime Loan Defaults Create Another Amaranth?', February 14, 2007

'Hedge Fund Problems Start With the Fed', February 5, 2007

'Audit Risk: Grant Thornton & The Keystone Saga', January 29, 2007

'Capital One Financial: Is COF Just Like Other Big Banks?', January 23, 2007

'Yield to Commission: Credit Derivatives, Moral Hazard and Systemic Risk', January 18, 2007

'Operational Risk: Why Apple CEO Steve Jobs Should Resign', January 8, 2007

'Does Breaking Up Citigroup Make Sense? (Parts I & II)', January 2, 2007

'Year-End Observations and 2007 Predictions', December 12, 2006

'XBRL and Sarbanes Oxley: The Content is King', December 7, 2006

'Market Risk: Will the CDO Machine Destroy Public Equity?', November 27, 2006

'Charter Financial Sets New Charitable Giving Standard', November 21, 2006

'Perspectives on Basel II: It's Time to Collaborate', November 15, 2006

'Basel II & Neoclassical Idiocies: Mark to Model Lives Again!', November 1, 2006

'The Negative Basis of Sovereign Bancorp', October 17, 2006

'PNC: Why is the LGD of Mercantile Bancshares So Low?', October 11, 2006

'Counterparty Credit Risk: Amaranth Aftermath', October 4, 2006

'The Golden Triangle: Banks, Hedge Funds and Ratings', September 26, 2006

'Counterparty Risk Data Gathering Trumps Basel II', September 7, 2006

'Wag the Swap: Auto CDS Spreads Rally as Fundamentals Slip', August 21, 2006

'Basel II: The Gang of Four Shifts the Agenda', August 7, 2006

'Basel II by the Numbers: Q1 2006', July 24, 2006

'Is Ben Bernanke Greenspan's Fall Guy?', July 14, 2006

'Inflation, Bank Stocks & Hedge Funds', June 26, 2006

'Floating On the Crest of Cheap Credit', June 14, 2006

'Mortgage Default Rates: Exuberance Fades Fast', June 5, 2006

'Is Non-Accelerated SOX Good for Wall Street?', May 22, 2006

'Credit Risk: Regulators Focus on C&I Lending; Sovereign, WaMu, Show Large Increases', May 4, 2006

'Will the SEC Roll Back Sarbanes-Oxley?', April 25, 2006

'GM & Ford: Are Credit Derivatives Markets Really Efficient?', April 20, 2006

'Interactive Data: Moving the XBRL Pipeline Forward', April 3, 2006

'SEC Backs Away from Revised S-3 Rules', March 20, 2006

'Did Alan Greenspan's Easy Money Policy
Kill Basel II?'
, March 3, 2006

'Regulators Affirm Tough Bank Audit Rules', February 10, 2006

'Fear & Loathing in Credit Land', February 2, 2006

'XBRL and the Revolution of Machine-to-Machine Data', January 17, 2006

'Just What Do Restatements Indicate?', January 3, 2006

'Christmas Comes Early in Washington', December 20, 2005

'Sarbanes-Oxley: Is 2006 the Year of the Non-Accelerated Filer?', November 30, 2005

'Community Bankers on Basel II: Foxtrot Oscar', November 15, 2005

'Interest Rates Start to Matter Again', November 7, 2005

'Basel II or Ia? Questions Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke May Face', October 25, 2005

'Exposure at Default: Delphi Files Bankruptcy -- Is GM Next?', October 11, 2005

'Basel II Delayed: A Conflict of Visions',
October 3, 2005

'Who's on First? Credit Derivatives & Counterparty Risk; Basel II: Is the EU Really Leading the Way?', September 21, 2005

'Basel II at the Crossroads', September 13, 2005

'Blank Check: Deconstructing Chinese Banks', September 7, 2005

'Safety & Soundness: Do the Housing GSEs Threaten the US Economy?', August 29, 2005

'Exposure at Default: Washington and the Crisis in Detroit', August 15, 2005

'The Altera Affair: Does Analyst "Access" Violate Reg FD?', August 1, 2005

'Basel II & Bank Dealer Activities: Too Big to Trade', July 19, 2005

'US Implements Bank Data Enhancements as EU, Asia Face Basel II Challenge', July 5, 2005

'Risk Factor: Higher Energy Prices', June 27, 2005

'Basel II: Hunting for Significant Risk', June 13, 2005

'A Son of Mexico Lost: Adolfo Aguilar Zinser',
June 7, 2005

'The American Dream Reverts to the Mean', May 31, 2005

'China: Beware What You Wish For',
May 16, 2005

'Ford, GM and Health Care: Was Hillary Clinton Right?', May 9, 2005

'Basel II Delayed: Complexity is Not Clarity ', May 2, 2005

'Meltdown in Detroit; Companies Clamor for Auditor Blessing; OFHEO Rule on Corporate Governance',
April 12, 2005

'Classification of Commmercial Credit Exposures;
Basel II Profile: Washington Mutual FA'
, April 7, 2005

'Basel II: U.S. Bank National Association', March 21, 2005

'Fear & Loathing in Detroit: GM, Ford and Legacy Labor Costs; Ernie Breech on Financial Controls', March 15, 2005

'Basel II Profile: JPMorgan Chase', March 7, 2005

'Will Visteon Collapse Drag Down Ford?', February 28, 2005

'Inflection Point: Are Loan Defaults Rising at US Banks?', February 22, 2005

'The Ratings Gap: Contemporary Risk Measures Miss the In-Betweens', February 14, 2005

'Will Internal Ratings Replace Outside Credit Agencies?', February 7, 2005

'Business Model Risk: eBay; Social Security Part II: Inflection Points for the Bond Market', January 31, 2005

'Before privatizing Social Security,
Take it away from the US Treasury'
, January 24, 2005

'Good Soaking in Detroit', January 17, 2005

'The Twenty Percent Solution', January 10, 2005

'New Year's Note to SEC Chairman William Donaldson: Swap Companies More Time on 404 Compliance for Immediate Adoption of Data Tagging', January 3, 2005

'Does GSE Risk Menace the Banking Industry?', December 13, 2004

'Stress Management in a Sub-Prime World', December 7, 2004

'The SEC Seeks a God's Eye View', December 1, 2004

'Are Equity Markets Complete and Sufficient to Predict Default Probabilities?', Revised November 22, 2004

'The Son of Long-Term Capital Management
RMA/PRMIA Risk Conference Notes '
, November 15, 2004

'The Election: Revenge of the Scots-Irish', November 8, 2004

'Democratizing Risk: Making the World Safe for Hedge Funds ', November 1, 2004

'Transportation Sector Prays for Kerry Win ', October 25, 2004

'Fannie Mae Directors Meet Sarbanes-Oxley:
Are We Having Fun Yet?'
, October 18, 2004

'Will Fannie Mae CEO, Others "Take Five" Wednesday?', October 4, 2004

'Fannie Fiasco: New Adventures in Reputational Risk ', September 27, 2004

'Operational Risk: Full Auto ', September 20, 2004

'Federal Judge Slams LTCM founder Myron Scholes and Hedge Fund Tax Scheme', September 13, 2004

'Perles of Wisdom', September 7, 2004

'Living in a Derivative World: GOOG', August 23, 2004

'Parmalat Litigation Highlights Diligence Issue ', August 16, 2004

'Employment, War Election-Year Risks', August 9, 2004

'Retirement Risk ', August 2, 2004

'Is a Double Dip of Defaults Likely for Network Airlines?', July 26, 2004

'Reputational Risk: PNC Takes Riggs in Regulatory Fire Sale', July 19, 2004

'Tort reform, asbestos are DOA ', July 12, 2004

'Full & Timely Disclosure', June 14, 2004

'United on the Ropes', June 28, 2004

'WaMu: "Self Inflicted Wounds"', July 6, 2004

'You are encouraged to connect', June 1, 2004

'Even More Complex Comments', June 21, 2004

'Complex Structured Assets: Feds Propose New House Rules', May 24, 2004

'Basel II proposals agreed', May 17, 2004

'COSO internal controls standards same for banks, Section 404 compliance ', May 17, 2004

'Basel II pushed further out ', May 3, 2004

'Why does Google want to IPO?', April 26, 2004

'Fitzgerald bill would eliminate soft-dollars', April 19, 2004

'E&Y; sanctions & auditor liability', April 19, 2004

'Bank derivatives: Inflation is alive and well', April 12, 2004

'Kmart �critical vendors� aren�t', April 5, 2004

'Reaping the fruits of XML', February 2, 2004

'Inefficient market theory', March 29, 2004

'SEC�s slow wheels start to turn', March 29, 2004

'Is United Airlines Too Big To Fail?', March 22, 2004

'Grant Thornton Wrongly Hit Again', March 15, 2004

'Goodyear Running Flat?', March 15, 2004

'Financial Controls Audits Loom Large, PCAOB Standards', March 15, 2004

'Basel II: Just What is �Operational Risk� And Have You Seen Him Lately?', March 8, 2004

'United Airlines Bankruptcy Founders', March 1, 2004

'Does Greenspan�s Candor Signal Departure?', March 1, 2004

'Three Legged Basel', February 23, 2004

'Greenspan Dollars', February 23, 2004

'Certified Public Confusion / Fair Value Funds', February 17, 2004

'The Invisible Consumer Crisis', February 9, 2004

'Efficient Markets', February 9, 2004

'Litigator Risk', February 9, 2004

'The Korea Problem', January 26, 2004

'Fitting the Profile, Sarbanes-Oxley Inquiries', January 26, 2004

'Food for Thought: Parmalat', January 20, 2004

'Options Expense', January 12, 2004

'Azteca Two-Step', January 12, 2004

'Baby Boomer Risk: The 7:1 Solution', January 5, 2004

'The Year of the Monkey', December 22, 2003

'Basel II: Not Yet a Done Deal', December 15, 2003

'Next: The Lawyers', December 8, 2003

'Sovereign Risk - Boeing', December 8, 2003

'BA GT ANWR Updates', December 1, 2003

'No Deal on Asbestos -- Yet', November 24, 2003

'Fund Legislation On Fast Track', November 24, 2003

'The Trees Grow to the Sky', November 17, 2003

'Fear and Loathing in Fund World: MFSOB', November 17, 2003

'Ford: Showdown With S&P;', November 10, 2003

'Bubbles Now and Then', November 10, 2003

'Basle II: Random Walk No More', November 3, 2003

'Death by Trial Lawyer: Asbestos', October 27, 2003

'Managed Reality: HealthSouth', October 20, 2003

'Danger at our Doorstep: Venezuela', October 14, 2003

'Playing Chicken: Daimler Chrysler', October 6, 2003

'The Quiet Revolution of XBRL', September 2, 2003

'Say �Bye Bye� to Self-Regulation', September 29, 2003

'Basle II: More Risk, More Mergers', September 15, 2003

'Doing the Right Thing', September 22, 2003

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